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Within Balance

Compassionate Touch Massage Therapy

Balance for your Mind, Body and Soul

Compassionate Touch Massage Therapy is a style of massage that incorporates Swedish Massage, Hot Stones, Reiki, Aromatherapy and Guided Meditations.  Each modality compliments the other- they work synergistically- to promote relaxation and ease inside the body; not only to release physical tension but also mental, emotional and spiritual strain and stress.

Sarah’s Story:  After many years of stress, I found myself in a place of burnout, depleted, with two small children who needed me.  I felt as if I had nothing left to give them, or anyone else.  I had begun my own healing Journey and I needed to begin to fill myself, I needed to learn how to breathe again, to laugh, to be joyful.  I decided one day, that what I had to do was begin to take time for myself, MAKE time for myself.  So I did.  I remember the day I decided to go for a massage, being an RMT, it was an obvious choice.  I explained to the RMT some of what I was going through, that I needed to deeply replenish myself, to relax; I needed quiet…that did not happen.  I wondered, after several of these sort of experiences, “What is it that I actually need?”

I needed someone to reach in and lift out the heaviness.   I wanted to feel balanced, connected to my body again, to feel rejuvenated.

In the days following I began to see more of my clients coming in with “big life issues”.  Divorce, dis-ease, depression, anxiety, sick children, people were losing their jobs, it was heavy, for a lot of people. I became inspired to provide to them what I had been looking for:  Something to lift out the heaviness, to help them replenish and feel balanced again. I started brainstorming, and I thought to incorporate all my favourite things.  Hot Stones to soothe and break up the tension with ease and provide a grounding essence, essential oils to help loosen the many emotions that needed releasing and provide relief, health benefits, and replenishment via Aromatherapy, Guided Meditations to help guide the client to a new level of relaxation within their body and also to help them explore the areas of chronic pain and tension, and Reiki to help them “fill their bucket”, to reconnect them energetically.

Thus the birth of Compassion Touch Massage Therapy.


 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I expect in a Compassionate Touch treatment?
    • Each session is catered to what you need at that time.  As with any massage therapy session a health history form will need to be completed (first session only), addressing all your health care concerns, areas of caution and there will be a quick client/massage therapist interview where we discuss areas to be addressed during the massage eg back, neck, shoulders, full body, etc. At that time the massage therapist will ask any questions related to your current health and perform any necessary physical assessments.  We will review any sensitivities or allergies at that time as well.
    • Once the treatment begins, the client will typically be lead into a meditation, it could be as simple as rhythmic breathing to help them reach a deeper state of relaxation.  If essential oils are being used, they will be placed onto the reflex points on the feet as well as be incorporated into the massage itself.  A special oil blend will be used for each client.  Hot stones will be used as tools to help the client both reach a state of greater relaxation via their heat and warmth, but also begin to release the physical tension in the body~ giving even the deepest treatments a relaxing feel.  Reiki will be used throughout the session to help restore and replenish the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body, helping create a sense of ease and relaxation.  During some treatments, short periods of static contact (positioning of hands in one place e.g. on back) will take place, where just Reiki is used.  Clients should feel rested, rejuvenated and replenished at the end of the session.
  • If I like Deep tissue treatments, will I like Compassionate Touch Massage?
    • Because each session is catered to You, yes, Compassionate Touch treatments incorporate any pressure levels, including therapeutic and deep tissue treatments.  Every person has a different idea of their ideal pressure, we work with yours in each session.
  • Is Compassionate Touch Massage safe when I’m pregnant?
    • Yes.  A limited selection of oils are used during the massage or not at all if that is what the expecting Mom is sensitive to smells.  Pregnancy pillows are available so that each massage is comfortable.
  • Is Compasssionate Touch Massage covered by my extended health insurance?
    •  Yes.  Compassionate Touch Massage was designed to fit within the scope of practice of Massage Therapy.  So receipts for insurance coverage will be issued.